Sell with Tullochs: FAQ

Get the down-low on what you might want to know when you sell with Tullochs

Wait, aren’t auctions obsolete & a bit risky what with relying on the people who are there on the day…not to mention crowds being a big contagious no-no these days? How does it work?

Tullochs Auctions Tasmania hold weekly online timed auctions with all items available for inspection, so buyers can bid with the confidence of having seen the goods, & at their own pace from where ever they are! We also run quarterly Classic Car & Petronalia Auctions (no seller’s commission for these auctions), & other specialty auctions. All our auctions are online with a pre-bidding phase, & on auction evening the bids are extended if there is activity in the last few minutes so it’s more like a live auction than eBay (no sniping, maximum opportunity to bid!) Tullochs Auctions provide the best of old and new! You can see our current online offerings here

Why should I sell with Tullochs Auctions Tasmania?

With Tullochs as your auctioneer, our role is to achieve the maximum price possible for you, our vendor. We provide a seamless, profitable, & satisfying outlet for selling your goods.

1. We do all of the difficult work so that you don’t have to go through the headache of researching, pricing, photographing, listing, describing, selling, liaising with buyers & logistics providers for each item!
2. You don’t need to give your address to strangers.
3. Auctions avoid people (who have your address) wasting your time by not turning up when they have told you they “definitely will buy it”.
4. No worrying if you have put a fair price on your item, we will help you price it for today’s market.
5. No awkward unpleasant haggling conversations, no need for you to do the negotiating which just isn’t everyone’s thing.
6. The ubiquitous scammers can’t get to you!
7. When you sell through a Tulloch’s auction you can forget about being beaten down on price by a single haggler…at auction, the price goes UP!

What can I sell with Tullochs?

(please note this list is not comprehensive and applies to private customers, commercial & estate vendors may have different guidelines)

We will sell all kinds of treasures for you! Vehicles; from a survivor classic through to your daily driver Toyota, vintage cars & motorcycles through to modern.
Fine art, antiques, historically important items, woolen rugs, mid-century modern, select vintage electrical, quality modern furniture, collectables, stamps, coins, jewellery, watches, gemstones, garden ornaments, quality homewares and tools, architectural salvage, whitegoods in good running condition.
We will sell almost everything saleable!

Which items are not suitable for auction?

Team Tullochs have a standard of quality that we must maintain, therefore, items that we take in are thoughtfully selected by our appraisal team.
Please note that items on the list will not be accepted, even if you have other suitable goods. We will not ‘take the good with the bad!’.
We will not accept:
Chipboard, general furniture from stores such as Kmart, Target etc.
Modern costume jewellery or fake/reproduction jewellery.
Items heavily damaged and/or unrepairable.
Non-working or dangerous or dirty household electrical goods.
Heavily damaged, stained/dirty or torn soft furnishings including couches, chairs, rugs, cushions.
Mass-produced or amateur paintings or prints from the 80’s – 90’s.
Modern books, textbooks or stationery.
Mass-produced decor from stores such as Kmart, Target, etc.
Modern homewares such as crockery, glassware, nonstick pots, etc. The only exceptions would be high quality & brand new in box.
Apparel/ Clothing/shoes etc.
Crystal & Silverplate (unless genuinely antique & valuable in their own right), think those ubiquitous 21st & wedding gifts that come from gift shops…don’t you bring none of that over here!
Anything by Franklin Mint, Bradford Exchange, or similar…basically if it’s made to be collected, it has no value at auction, yes-even that adorable Kitten wall plate your Nanna has.
Polyresin. Anything polyresin. We have no advice as to what to do with anything polyresin but please don’t bring it to Tullochs. Even (especially?) Armani figures- they just won’t sell.
If you have any doubts please email, call 0363315200, or show us some pics in person at 3-7 George St Launceston.

How are prices set?

When you sell with Tullochs you are getting the experts on the job! We have a team with a plethora of different experiences and specialties, we keep a close eye on the second-hand & auction markets from around the world, we use our own auctions as a guide too! We will set a price estimate based on current market values and desirability. Some items may warrant a reserve which is the minimum price the auctioneer will accept, as it benefits us all to get a good price for exceptional goods.
We can email you a list of your consigned items showing reserves and estimates if the appraisal is made when you are not present, otherwise, they are written on your blue consignment receipt. Reserves hold for one auction to ensure something isn’t snapped up too cheaply.
At the next auction, the auctioneer may remove or reduce the reserve & will sell at fair market value at their discretion. The Tasmanian Property Agent’s code of conduct is clear that as auctioneers we must always act in the customer’s best interest, which is a value we take very seriously. Our sales, estimates & reserves are set with your best interests in mind.

When can I deliver items?

Tullochs receives suitable items Wednesday, Thursday, Friday between 9 am & 4.30 pm & Saturday 9 am-2 pm. Make sure you touch base with us if you have a truckload coming so we can make space & don’t forget to check out the list of items that aren’t suitable for auction so we don’t have to send you away! You can always email if you aren’t sure.

What happens with my items after auction?

Any items that ‘met the market’ (ie minimum acceptable bid or reserve, whichever applies) are automatically sold, and the buyer has two days to pay the invoice.
Unsold items will be automatically entered into the next appropriate auction. Should you wish to withdraw an unsold item from the auction, you will need to remove the item(s) by Friday 4.30 pm. Items not removed by this time will automatically be entered for the next auction. If an item is removed after Friday at 4.30 pm you may be charged a removal fee of 20% of the guide price.

What are the commissions & fees Tullochs Auctions Charge?

Generally speaking when you sell with Tullochs, the only charges are the commission but occasionally there are other fees applied:
If you wish to enter a vehicle at a reserve that doesn’t meet the current market, there is a $250 fee which is refunded if the vehicle sells. If a vehicle is withdrawn after marketing has commenced but before auction close, there is a fee of $500 to cover marketing, advertising, staff & storage costs.
Items withdrawn before auction close may be subject to a $5 lotting up fee, & not released until this has been settled. Any items withdrawn from the auction, & not collected after the auction may be subject to the $12 a day storage fee.
Other expenses such as disposal/ transport are quoted and charged separately.
The current commission for general goods/art/jewellery/antiques etc is 19.5% plus GST. There is no commission charged for vehicles, & we run promotions throughout the year for larger consignments/wine/antiques/petronalia etc. Keep an eye on our website, social media, and email news so you don’t miss these!
If you have a business, deceased estate, or bulk consignments, the general commission won’t apply, we will need to quote individually.
We don’t charge fees for administration, insurance, cheques (we pay by direct deposit), or the like, as we consider these to be part of the service we provide for commission.

How will I be paid the proceeds of my items?

Payments are made by direct deposit so make sure you provide accurate bank details, payments are made around the middle of the week following the auction. Funds may take longer to show in your account depending on your institution. Details of goods you sell with Tullochs & proceeds can be found in your online account at

Where can I see the full terms & conditions?

That’s a really good question, we love our customers to be curious and informed! you can find our terms and conditions (applicable to all sales through Tullochs Auctions) here