Sell your car for free at Tullochs Tasmania

Tullochs LOVE to sell cars, now they are backing this devotion with a 0% commission on cars. Nada. Nil. Zip. Zilch. If you sell a car through Tullochs Tasmania’s wildly popular online auctions you will not pay any sales commission. The car market has been affected by COVID19 in the same way property has & the heat just keeps cranking, it makes perfect sense to use an auction to get the best price the market offers!

Selling using online classifieds is tedious, people don’t show, if they do they are tyre kickers or they don’t know what they are looking at, they want to low ball the offer and most importantly there is only one prospective buyer at a time… unlike a Tullochs Online Auction where you have hundreds of prospective buyers (many thousand receive our emails too!) upping their offers at once…no more haggling and negotiating a low price, at auction the price rises!
Don’t risk being fleeced by a buyer who is taking advantage of knowing the market better than you, let the professionals handle the selling process. For FREE!
Send a pic, make a call, email us.
Our staff can have a chat to you about the ins and outs of selling your car at Auction from the cataloguing and sales process to payments and all the details.