Our Philosophy

The Tullochs online difference.

Our Tullochs Online auctions are the smarter way to buy and sell. Simple and effective, they represent the way forward.

Bidding via the Internet is a convenient, secure, modern method to acquire goods – both new and old. Throughout the world, everyday consumers, business owners and collectors alike are now using reputable online platforms like Tullochs to procure an extensive array of products including homewares, appliances, motor vehicles and various items of rarity – all at the click of a button whether you’re on the go or in the comfort of your own home.

The process of setting up a new user account in the Tullochs system takes only a few seconds and you’re ready to place your first bid.

As well as the quality antiques and collector cars for which we’ve become famous, Tullochs have a wide variety of general goods and collectable treasures under the hammer each week, providing excellent bargains to the online bidder. Many lots start at just $10.

Buying and selling on line has marked benefits over the traditional method, particularly when it comes to auctions. The process of bidding online allows the potential buyer to watch items they have ‘wish listed’ anytime of day or night and keep a constant tab on progress – ensuring they get the best deal possible. Buyers can even choose their bidding style. Some choose to put on a large bid quite early on in the auction. Our system bids on your behalf, and only up to your maximum amount. Some like to increase their bids slowly through the week as they’re outbid, and others like to wait until auction night and place their bids at the last minute. It’s all good!

Online auctions also allow anyone from anywhere in Australia or the world to purchase items that they have been searching for. This is particularly pertinent to the Tasmanian antiques much loved by collectors on the mainland.

Fast and easy shipping at the best possible price is available from Tullochs and given that all our items are photographed and described in a full online catalogue and are available for inspection in our rooms, everyone can bid with complete assurance. Unlike the traditional in rooms auctions held at inconvenient times, anyone whether an astute investor, somebody with a budding interest in collectables or someone who is just ‘dollar conscious’ and looking to bypass retail mark-ups, this form of shopping is perfect for everyone.

Tulloch’s sell a wide range of goods including jewellery, art, antiques, wine, homewares and appliances, automotive, boating, recreational and sporting equipment. Rare, antique and vintage items are readily available for purchase.

Tulloch’s provide an online bidding platform that allows customers to peruse current lots, access product information and to bid on items – no matter where they are based. All you need is Internet access and an email account.

Doing Business State Wide    

            Many sellers in the South of the state found it difficult to do business with us, so we’ve appointed an agent to do a number of appraisals and home visits every week, and we can organise transport of your treasures to our Launceston rooms.

Assisting you with transport

            The cost of transport was an issue for our customers so as well as buying in a small fleet of vehicles we’ve formed partnerships with transport companies and removalists to ensure the best prices and a quality reliable service.

Tasmania’s leading classic car auctions

            We identified the need for a Tasmanian auction house that specialised in classic cars and vehicles and solved the problem, setting several world records for prices realised in the process.

We are lifelong motoring enthusiasts with many decades of experience as hobbyists and in the trade between us and love to talk with others about their favourite machines.